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Community Representative System Trial
galacticwarrior9 Admin Member
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IGN: galacticwarrior9
about 1 month ago

I am trialling a new Community Representative (CR) system in an effort to obtain more robust and focused feedback from willing, active players.


The role of a CR is to:

  • share feedback on proposed changes to the server
  • share suggestions on how to improve the server based on ongoing community discussions and concerns, as well as their own areas of interest


The requirements for this role are:

  • being an active player who is not banned or muted
  • to have the abiliy to discuss respectfully and thoughtfully
  • to be able to represent the views and interests of the community


The first batch of CRs will be appointed at the beginning of July and will be in the position for 1-2 months, depending on the success of the system. I am looking for both Nations and Towny players.


If that sounds like something you're interested in, you may apply by replying to this thread with the following details:

  • Your IGN
  • When you began playing 
  • Your level of activity on the server 
  • Your primary server (Nations or Towny)
  • What you would like to bring to the table as a CR
  • Why the community should support you in being a CR
  • The part(s) of the community that you think you would best represent

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CosmicKingSimp Member
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IGN: CosmicKingSimp
about 1 month ago

I began playing last year around the same time as now
I am fairly active, and try to be more active here and there
I am only on Nations 
As a player of CCNet Nations I have experienced through and through firsthand what sieges are like, alliances, politics, and even run my own nation. I have talked and heard from many other nation leaders and members their experiences, grudges, and feelings towards changes that have occurred through time on CCNet to the point I can summarize what their individual opinions are.

I would in summary bring my experiences and knowledge of a whole year on nations as a CR.

As CR I would pay close attention in hearing every player's opinion, suggestion, and thought with full attention. I would bring what the community wants the most to light and present it to the staff and owner. I would press whatever the community deems to be urgent with ought rest, and I would guarantee every player their privacy whenever I bring their opinions and thoughts to light.

I would mainly represent the Politics, Movecraft, Casual player and Active player sides I'm associated with of CCNet Nations.

Thank you for reading my application, Sincerely,
Imperator CosmicKingSimp.

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Scorpius_992 Member
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IGN: Scorpius_992
about 1 month ago


Ive been playing since late N1, exact date im not sure

I am a pretty active player of Nations, and I only play Nations

As a player I have a vast amount of knowledge of CCNet, ranging from nearly all of movecraft, running small and large nations, current politics, a myriad of sieges and other smaller plugins and system in game like brewery or slimefun. 

As a CR I will bring all my knowledge of N2s game mechanics to the table. As a vet of N1 i also understand what players liked and dislike about the old and new systems, and can make suggestions to help make a larger group of people happy. I have extensive experience running a small nation, so I understand the difficulties that go along with that while also understanding how larger nations work. If there is one thing I hold above anything else it is having a fun and balanced game, I take pride in only suggesting things I have spent a long time thinking over, trying to figure out how to best balance it within our current game. I have previous experience helping to add updates to the server as well. As part of the group who helped Zaify create, playtest and balance the Naval Update I assisted in balancing and playtesting many of the parts of that update. 


I'm a jack of all trades sort of deal, however the war system, including sieges, siege mechanics, movecraft and how movecraft is actually used on the battlefield, is probably where the most of my knowledge lies.



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Perpltxed Member
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IGN: Perpltxed
about 1 month ago


 I started playing n1 on 24/06/2019 but I was already playing towny for a couple of weeks before this.

I've been quite active as a player over time on both n1, n2 beta and n2 you can see that by my playtime of a whopping 1k hours ish (1 month).

I only play nations.

As a rep I will be able to bring community concerns, pros and cons regarding certain things quite easily to light and discuss them. I'm quite vocal with my thoughts and ideas, explain them with both benefits and drawbacks though they are quite confusing at times but have been useful in some cases. My links to the older playerbase makes me quite useful as I can present both their views and also the newer player base.

I'm an experienced player who's been with ccnet for a while and I'm basically part of the community and have a good standing in it and my vocal skills allow me to represent them quite easily, I've also made texture packs for the community like the naval horn pack to replace siege region sound and also the rune textures, I've also been part of the n2 beta and have found exploits and tested out features and my all around knowledge of the nations meta helps me provide feedback on plugins like towny itself. 

I will probably represent the older playerbase mindset of politics and a bit of PvP as I'm more ingrained with that part of the community.


ty :>

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Dhiras Member
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IGN: Dhiras
about 1 month ago


December 2021

I'm basically a daily player, I play on this server daily. (2 weeks of playtime)


I have explored the server for quite enough I know the server how it works and what are all the things that are there and not there. I have taken parts in a few sieges, economy, and stuff. I can bring pretty good and interesting changes onto the server, newer and never heard things.

They should support me because I will bring good changes onto the server

Siege mechanics, economy, movecraft, and even new things.


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tzera Member
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IGN: tzera
28 days ago


Around October-December 2021 I don't really remember.

I play daily if I can, or once every three days.


I have been on the server for quite a bit of time, albeit never having left the Asian continent but still I know quite a bit about the server as a whole. What I could bring as a CR is another person who can point out pros and cons of a feature without being bias because of personal thoughts. Although I will sometimes mention my own personal thoughts, I will say that they are my own personal thoughts and that they will only count as a single person's opinion rather than a community's.

If the community supports me, I'll try my best to help the server grow in a way that all different parts of ccnet can enjoy.

trade, economy, nations(I can point out a few changes to avoid exploits)

Thank you for your time

logantherock01 Member
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IGN: logantherock01
24 days ago



I have been playing this server for 2 months and have experience with other servers of similar variety but i am extremely active play almost daily 

I am primarily on nations 

what I would bring is experience with servers this one and others i am very knowledgeable about economics in this game and have already started standardizing prices in the server with the help of others like like liciea speepy and godzilla among others i can bring an idealistic perspective while still being realistic when it comes to what can be implemented and what will actually work with the player base i am also highly versed in strategy when it comes to sieges and military operations both in various games and irl. lastly i am familiar with move craft and vehicles in general 

i should be supported because i am well liked and because i am a merchant i chat with 5-10 people a day whether it be checking prices or selling items as well as very active. being knowledgeable and aware of how people feel is a big  part of making sure things run smoothly 

i think i would best represent the economy and trade portions of the community and seiges and movecraft warefare

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