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Better documentation of Towny game mechanics
GHplayz Member
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IGN: GHplayz
7 months ago

While playing CCnet Towny and viewing the wiki (legacy and current), I noticed that there were a lot of inconsistencies, including Towny Movecraft, and many other game mechanics. Right now playing towny feels like trying to figure out the meaning of life. It would certainly help if these inconsistencies were clarified. Thank you!

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pigsye Member
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IGN: piggyYan
7 months ago

Great idea! The towny wiki is incedibly outdated (eg. beheading cant be put on bow even though it is said to be possible in the wiki), and the wiki is also for people to find something specific they dont understand. A written book saying "The crash course to towny" would be great for new players to understand the differences from a vanilla server and towny (MCMMO, slimefun, and nethertie changes etc). A inclusion of rules would be great too as not all players check CCnet discord and websites :)

AnnieSky Member
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IGN: AnnieSky
6 months ago

Not to mention the rules need some updating...

And hi PIggy/GH :D