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I am trialling a new Community Representative (CR) system in an effort to obtain more robust and focused feedback from willing, active players.


The role of a CR is to:

  • share feedback on proposed changes to the server
  • share suggestions on how to improve the server based on ongoing community discussions and concerns, as well as their own areas of interest


The requirements for this role are:

  • being an active player who is not banned or muted
  • to have the abiliy to discuss respectfully and thoughtfully
  • to be able to represent the views and interests of the community


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A Cruiser, built by WitherV.


Nations has updated to 1.18.2, and in doing so, the first stage of the Naval Update has been deployed. This first part of the Naval Update completely overhauls all aspects of Movecraft on Nations, including craft design, controls, weaponry and combat.  Accompanying this update is a much-requested creative Movecraft server to allow you to easily design and experiment with ships.


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Towny has been updated to 1.18, bringing forth a slew of new features. Let's dive straight into it.


Known Issues

  • Treasurer NPCs are currently not functioning. For now, use /bank while standing in a bank plot (/plot set bank) to sell and buy gold.
  • You will find your energy regulators having two holograms. This is to be expected; remove the bugged one using /sf removeholograms.


New Cave Generation

The height of the world has been increa...

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Hi everyone,

This is our provisional new website, which for now succeeds our old Enjin-based website. Enjin has served us well since 2013, but its age was quickly becoming apparent and the company has shifted its focus away from its web management division.

This new website includes a new suggestions page to replace the unstructured (and often chaotic!) #suggestions and #feedback-discussion channels on Discord. It also has a

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