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Global Rules

These apply to all servers.

Punishments issued for breaking these rules are at the discretion of staff.

1.1 - Client modifications

Modifications to the client are legal as long as they do not grant you an unfair advantage over other players.

Examples of allowed modifications:
• Mods that are for purely aesthetic purposes, e.g. shaders.
• Optifine, Sodium, Phosphor, Starlight, Krypton, CullLeaves and similar client optimization mods.
• Minimaps, as long as they do not show caves, invisible players and invisible entities. Often the "fair-play" version of minimaps will satisfy these requirements.
• Damage indicator and armor/tool HUD mods.
• Brightness and gamma adjustment mods.

If you are not sure whether a client modification is legal, ask a staff member for clarification. The CCNet client modpack contains many mods that are allowed to be used on the server.

World-downloading and schematic-saving mods may only be used to download or save structures that you have either:

  • entirely built
  • obtained permission to do so from their owners
  • obtained permission to do so from staff


1.2 - No auto-clicking.

  • Assume any off-client assistance programs or devices are illegal unless otherwise specified by an admin.
    • Tools such as clicking macros (for PvP) and auto-clickers are illegal.
  • All actions made by an in-game player character must be performed directly by a human.


2 - No spamming or excessive use of capital letters.

  • Spamming is defined as quickly sending messages in succession. This includes both repeated and unique messages.
  • Excessive use of capital letters and symbols in messages will also be treated as spam.


3.1 - Keep chat safe and appropriate.

Help us keep CCNet a safe and comfortable environment:

  • Do not discuss or link to content of an extremist, graphic, explicit or illegal nature in general chat.
  • Do not evade the chat filter.
  • Do not use any form of discriminatory language, including racial slurs.


3.2 - Speak English in general chat.

Please only speak English in general chat. You are free to speak other languages in private chat channels and messages.


3.3 - Toxicity

We understand that you may dislike certain people - especially in a competitive gamemode - but please remain civil when interacting with them. Disruptive, toxic behaviour will be punished.


4.1 - Bullying and harassment

Real-life threats, persistent personal insults, predatory behaviour and other forms of behaviour that may make other players feel uncomfortable is not tolerated.


4.2 - Disclosure of personal information

Publishing or publicly disclosing the personal details of a player without their consent ('doxxing') is forbidden and will be taken extremely seriously.

Threatening to or joking about doing this is taken equally as seriously.

Malicious attempts to obtain such information (e.g. by sending 'IP-grabbing' links in chat) will be treated equally.


5.1 - Alts and multiple accounts

You may only have one account registered to your IP address. If you require an additional account on your IP - for example, for a sibling - then please contact staff and we will be happy to authorize this.


5.2 - Your account is your responsibility

If someone breaks the rules using your account, it is your account that will be punished. You should not share accounts.


5.3 - Ban evasion

Evading your ban using an alt account is not allowed and will result in your punishment being lengthened.


6 - Exploits

Players are not allowed to take advantage of server bugs, exploits, unintended game mechanics or other technical oversights.

Examples include - but are not limited to - inducing server crashes, any form of item/currency duplication and block glitching. Willful exploitation will be punished according to the severity of the offence.


7 - Real-life trading and transactions

CCNet is not a marketplace: you may not trade any form of virtual or physical good for real-life currency through the server.

The only exception is for donator ranks. You may promise to buy someone a donator rank in exchange for in-game currency or tasks, but scamming in this type of trade is not permitted.


8 - Hackusations

Baselessly accusing another player of rule-breaking is not allowed. If you believe someone is guilty of breaking the rules, report them to the staff with relevant evidence.


9 - Advertising

Any attempt to advertise another server is illegal.

Do not send any IP address or server domain names which can be used to connect to a server. This includes advertising through private messaging.

Advertising indirectly by posting a link, stream or Discord server invite that is advertising a different server is illegal.
Do not send fake IPs. We do not have time to check every single IP you post to check whether it exists.


10 - Helping others break the rules

You may not knowingly benefit from, conceal, aid or fail to report rule-breaking performed by another player. If you help someone break a rule, you will be punished alongside them.


11 - Donation chargebacks

Attempting donation chargebacks is forbidden as per the Donation T&Cs, and will result in your permanent removal from the server and a global ban from all Enjin webstores.


12 - Staff

Staff are volunteers who are here to help the community. Please be patient when asking for help and you will be assisted as soon as a staff member can help you. Staff are not there to be your source of entertainment, to be spammed with questions for the sake of annoying them, to be queried for the sake of amusement, or to have their time wasted. Help us in assisting others as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do not impersonate staff, in chat or elsewhere.

Any issues with staff can be reported on the forums or the Discord server.


13 - Inappropriate skins and names

Do not use inappropriate skins - including those which show nudity or reference Nazi Germany.

Users with inappropriate names will be banned and asked to register an account with a different name.


14 - We reserve the right to ban anyone

If we don’t think you are a benefit to our community and are degrading our server, we reserve the right to do as we please with you. This rule is only to be used sparingly and is only enforced after being considered by the highest of our staff.


Nations-Specific Rules

1 - Griefing and theft

Note: ship piracy and theft is covered under Rule 5.

1.1 - In claimed land

  • You are free to grief and steal from a town if it is being besieged by your nation or an allied nation, provided this does not involve insiding (Rule 2).
  • Griefing and theft from towns is prohibited under all other circumstances. This includes the theft of money from the town bank.


1.2 - In unclaimed land

  • You are allowed to grief and steal from structures in unclaimed land ('Wilderness'), provided this does not involve map defacement (Rule 4).
  • If a structure is partially claimed, you are allowed to grief the unclaimed portion. However, you may be punished if damage extends into the claimed portion.


1.3 - In ruined towns

  • You are allowed to grief and steal from ruined towns.


2 - Insiding

Insiding is not allowed. This is the act of undermining a town that you have been granted access or permissions to on the basis of perceived mutual trust.

Insiding includes but is not limited to:

  • Defecting to a town's enemies while it is besieged and proceeding to grief or steal from it using any permissions you may still retain.
  • Deleting a town as co-mayor without the consent of the mayor.
  • Maliciously changing plot or town permissions.
  • Unclaiming land to enable it to be griefed or stolen from.
  • Mass kicking residents.
  • Withdrawing money from the town bank so that it falls into bankruptcy or ruins.


The following acts are not considered insiding and are permitted:

  • Spying and leaking information.
  • Defecting to a town's enemies without abusing any permissions to grief and steal.


3 - Terraforming and map defacement

3.1 - Defacement

Any action that harms the lifespan or general aesthetics of the map is considered map defacement. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Lavacasting and creating 'cobble monsters'.
  • Deliberate mass deforestation not required for town expansion (e.g. burning down the Amazon).
  • Excavating large, gaping holes visible on the map.
  • Needlessly blowing up large tracts of land.
  • Building vulgar structures.

Deliberate and conscious map defacement is punishable.


3.2 - Terraforming

Terraforming is allowed as long as it does not harm the general accuracy of the map.

Generally, terraforming projects which alter the view of the dynamic map are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating artificial islands.
  • Creating artificial seas.
  • Destroying large landmasses (e.g. Denmark; Madagascar).
  • Draining or covering large lakes (e.g. Lake Victoria).

Vertical terraforming is allowed as long as it is not extreme. For example:

  • You may flatten mountains and hills which are obstructing the expansion of your town.
  • You may not demolish entire mountain ranges, such as the Alps or Pyrenees.

Please ask staff if you are unsure whether your terraforming project would be allowed under these rules.

We ask that you make an effort to blend in your changes to the surrounding landscape.


3.3 - Sand mines

You may mine sand in desert biomes provided the underlying stone is not exposed. We again ask that you make an effort to blend in your changes to the surrounding landscape.


3.4 - Pixel art

Pixel art is not permitted.


4 - Towns

4.1 - Towns must look like towns.

Your town cannot be an underground base, giant cube or built on a floating platform. It also cannot be a Factions-style base. Castles, forts and military bases are allowed.


4.2 - Town and nation naming

  • Fictional town and nation names must sound at least somewhat plausible and cannot contain vulgar or offensive language.
    • Names which are clearly not serious, such as “Memetown”, “Obsidian Clan” and “Creeper Empire”, are not allowed.
  • Town and nation names cannot refer to Nazi Germany (e.g. "Third Reich" and "Fourth Reich") or the Islamic State.
  • Towns named after a real settlement must be made near its location.
  • The capitals of nations named after current or historical states must be located in the region where that state exist(ed).
    • For example, a nation called "China" with its capital in Africa would not be allowed.


4.3 - Claim blocking

  • Claim blocking, the act of purposefully obstructing the expansion of a town by claiming land around it, is not allowed.
  • Any claims used to this end may be deleted without warning or compensation.


4.4 - Obstructing natural straits and naval chokepoints with towns

  • You may not diminish the value of naval chokepoints - that is, the Gibraltar, Suez and Bab al-Mandab towns - by claiming and obstructing the sea in their vicinity.
  • In general, you may not block off natural straits using towns.


4.5 - Snake claims

"Snake claims" - long chains of claims protruding from the main body of a town - are forbidden and may be forcibly unclaimed by staff. 

The only exceptions are for infrastructure (e.g. roads and canals), but these too may be unclaimed if the claims are obnoxious.

One example of an obtrusive "snake claim" can be seen below:


4.6 - Peaceful town claims
Peaceful towns are not allowed to fully or partially claim structures that originate from, are connected to, or extend into a non-peaceful town. These include buildings, walls and other defenses, as well as non-defensive structures.


5 - Movecraft

In this section, all Movecraft craft types are referred to as ‘ships’.

5.1 - Ship piracy in Wilderness

  • You may destroy or steal ships in the Wilderness without restriction.


5.2 - Ship piracy in claimed land

  • You are allowed to steal unsecured ships from claimed land, as long as the theft does not involve illegal griefing (see Rule 1).
  • Securing ships is your responsibility. Place piston blocks on ships to lock them down, and use gates and doors to control access to your docks. You should always save a copy of your ship using a shipyard.


5.3 - Ships must function and look like ships

  • Cubes, cuboids, flying carpets, towers and large appendages such as ladders will not be tolerated.
  • Ships violating this rule may be deleted without warning or compensation.


6 - Scamming

  • You are allowed to scam other players for ingame currency and items. Consider using the /trade interface or /contracts system to trade securely.


7 - Luring and trapping

7.1 - Luring and trapping

  • You are allowed to lure and trap players, regardless of whether they are in claimed land or Wilderness.
  • You may not use traps to bypass the anti-friendly fire mechanic.
  • You may not build traps on a player's spawn point.


7.2 - Traps in siege chunks

  • You may not build or use traps in the chunk of the siege banner.
    Consequence: The opposing side will be compensated with siege points.


8 - Wars and Sieges

8.1 - Feeding points to the enemy side

If it is found that you repeatedly died during a siege to sabotage your own side, you will be punished. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis: nobody will be punished for simply being bad at PvP.


8.2 - Your town must be reasonable to siege

Non-peaceful towns must leave two sides completely free from claimed connections to other towns.

These two sides must not be encased by another town. Attackers should not have to cross claimed land in order to reach a siege on your town.

Failure to follow this rule may result in the unclaiming of land or deletion of towns.


8.3 - "Fake" and unserious sieges

Do not start so-called “fake sieges”. This is the act of besieging allied or friendly towns to obtain some kind of benefit, such blocking a hostile siege or granting the town siege immunity.

More broadly, sieges which are not serious (i.e. where little or no attempt is being made by the initiator of the siege to win) can be removed at the discretion of staff  - along with its accompanying siege immunity - to allow others to besiege the town.

The same applies to naval sieges. For example, you may not begin a 'friendly' siege on a naval siege region to prevent others from attacking it.


8.4 - Cannon placement

Do not build cannons at high altitudes relative to your town. Such "sky cannons" are generally built for the express purpose of avoiding enemy cannon fire and are prohibited.


8.5 - Underground siege banners

Siege banners must be placed overground. Placing banners underground or at a low y-level relative to the surrounding terrain is forbidden and will result in the siege being deleted.


8.6 - Revolt sieges at outposts

You are not allowed to begin revolt sieges at the outposts of your town. Revolts can only be started at the main body of the town.


9 - Miscellaneous

9.1 - Religion

Gods cannot be named after deities worshipped in real-life. Likewise, in-game religions may not resemble those in real-life.

Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by slightly modifying their names. Keep your virtual deity and religion fictional. It’s that simple.


9.2 - Abuse of bounties

You are not allowed to help someone collect a bounty on their own head, nor split the reward with them.


Towny-Specific Rules


1.1 - Griefing

Towny aims to cultivate an environment where players are free to express themselves and their creativity through Minecraft, and this allows them certain protections within reason:

  • You may not grief anything that is claimed
  • You may not grief unclaimed structures that are within 3 chunks of a claimed Town
    • Structure must belong to the town it is nearby in order to be protected by this rule
    • Nation-Controlled Wilderness does not count as a claim for this purpose
  • You may not grief anything that is in Nation-Controlled Wilderness
    • This includes wilderness controlled by your own nation
  • You may not obstruct or otherwise deface or devalue a town and its surrounding landscape
    • This includes, but is not limited to the building of walls, waterwalls, lavacasts, discriminatory structures/symbols, and anything else that may be considered unwanted or unpleasant by those who own the town you are building outside of.
  • You may not destroy any sort of infrastructure (railways, bridges, or other forms of infrastructure that cannot be realistically expected to be claimed)
    • Infrastructure typically includes:
      • Roads
      • Railways
    • This rule does not protect the following types of builds;:
      • Air-Bridges without supporting structure or form
      • 1-block bridges
      • 1-block pillars
      • Underground mining tunnels
      • Anything that isn't easily identifiable as a willful attempt to build unclaimed infrastructure


1.2 - Terraforming

You are more than welcome to Terraform the terrain on Towny; however we ask that you make an effort to blend any jarring terrain changes with the surrounding terrain.

This rule does not give you permission to burn down a forest, mine down an entire mountain, or otherwise destroy large sections of terrain for no reason.


1.3 - TNT

On Towny, it is difficult to find a reason for TNT to exist. Here are two:

  • Movecraft Combat
  • Controlled terraforming operations

Beyond this, there is typically no reason to use TNT and as such you are not permitted to randomly set off explosions that may damage terrain.


2 - Theft

Theft in claimed land is not allowed, including stealing from your town members.

Theft of items in unclaimed land that has no clear relation to a nearby town is allowed.

  • This means you can steal from unclaimed land, but you cannot steal from unclaimed land that is directly outside of a claimed town, as it is obvious that the items are owned by the players of the town.

Nation-controlled wilderness is nearly free game for members of the nation controlling the wilderness, however follow the above rule where if the items have a clear and distinct owner or purpose, you may not take them.

Please remember that the purpose of Towny is to encourage creativity and fun in a safe environment where players need not fear about conflict, theft, or destruction.

Items can be retrieved from another player if given permission.

In order to avoid miscommunication incidents, we encourage players to keep written accounts of permission if retrieving items from an unavailable player.


3 - Ship piracy

Ship piracy and theft is not allowed if the ship is secured with an immovable block or Pilot Sign.


4 - Scamming

You are not allowed to scam in-game items or currency under any circumstances.


5 - Luring, trapping and TP-killing

Due to teleportation limits on Towny, it is difficult to lure someone into teleporting to you.
This being said, luring nearby players into teleporting into a hostile zone in order for you to kill them counts as TP killing and is illegal.

Luring people into travelling into hostile territory by any other means is legal, players should exercise caution when travelling into foreign territory.

Setting up traps in nation-controlled wilderness or town claims is not permitted.
Any trap must be escapable by players, assuming it does not kill them.


6 - Inactive players

When players go inactive in your town, we understand that their structures, chests, and other belongings take up space.

Our goal is to provide protections to both the player and the mayor in these cases.

For purposes below, playtime is considered the time from first login, to last login.

In the event the user is kicked for taxation or other reasons, the Mayor must provide an opportunity to the player upon return for them to regain their items.

Here are the Mayor guidelines for handling inactive players:

Case 1:
The player logs in, plays for a few hours, and then logs out and never returns.

We ask that you give players who play for less than five days at least one week to return before you evict them from their plot. Once you evict them from their plot, we ask that you store everything from their plot for an additional two weeks in a secure storage area that is labelled with their username.

Once this two week storage period is over, the items are considered Town property and may be used however the Mayor wishes.

This protects the player from losing their items, and this protects the Mayor from any claims of theft against them.

Case 2:
The player is temporarily inactive, or has quit without announcement.

We ask that you give players who play for more than five days at least two weeks to return before you evict them from their plot. Once you evict them from their plot, we ask that you store everything from their plot for an additional two months in a secure storage area that is labelled with their username.

Once this two month storage period is over, the items are considered Town property and may be used however the Mayor wishes.

This protects the player from losing their items within a reasonable period, and protects the Mayor from any claims of theft against them.

Case 3:
The player is either temporarily or permanently gone, and has given permission to take their belongings.

Please ensure that if a player is offline for an extended period of time and has given you permission to their items, that you acquire solid evidence that you are allowed to take their items or modify their builds.

When this permission is given, we will operate within the exact wording of what the player states, and any actions taken outside of the permission given will be considered under the rules of Griefing and Theft as necessary.

Case 4:
The player has warned the Mayor of an extended absence.

You are required to respect this extended absence warning and you may not take, store, or modify the players plot in any way.


7 - Claim blocking

Claim blocking is prohibited. This is the creation of new claims or towns with the intent of obstructing the expansion of another town. Such claims are subject to removal without warning or compensation.