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I began playing last year around the same time as now
I am fairly active, and try to be more active here and there
I am only on NationsĀ 
As a player of CCNet Nations I have experienced through and through firsthand what sieges are like, alliances, politics, and even run my own nation. I have talked and heard from many other nation leaders and members their experiences, grudges, and feelings towards changes that have occurred through time on CCNet to the point I can summarize what their individual opinions are.

I would in summary bring my experiences and knowledge of a whole year on nations as a CR.

As CR I would pay close attention in hearing every player's opinion, suggestion, and thought with full attention. I would bring what the community wants the most to light and present it to the staff and owner. I would press whatever the community deems to be urgent with ought rest, and I would guarantee every player their privacy whenever I bring their opinions and thoughts to light.

I would mainly represent the Politics, Movecraft, Casual player and Active player sides I'm associated with of CCNet Nations.

Thank you for reading my application, Sincerely,
Imperator CosmicKingSimp.

Community Representative System Trial 11 days ago