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MrTurtleGamer Member
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so i did some testing with the new guns with dumpling, and we found one of the guns to be a bit too strong, the Mannlicher M1895. it did more damage than swords and was pretty easy to stop and aim mid fight. i was able to qd dumpling multiple times, and he qd me a few times too. dumpling is an above average player on ccnet who wouldn't normally qd here, but the gun can do up to 4.5 hearts which is more than double a sword crit. we didn't even test the damage with suppression, so it can possibly do more. iirc guns didn't work if u were hit by a sword recently, which i think will solve this issue if that is implemented again. just stop guns from working for 10 seconds after being hit by a sword. also lower the damage of this gun a bit cuz 4.5 hearts is way too much

i also tested the cavalry sword with tqdqz and that was even more op. it would one shot most of the time and it's not hard to use at all. i think this is pretty obvious as to why it's op, and i think the damage should only do a little more than a diamond crit. loka has a 33% damage increase, so maybe the cavalry sword should do 33% more damage than a diamond crit. that is like 2.5 hearts and it takes 4-5 hits depending on how fast u hit to kill someone on loka, which seems fair for the cavalry sword to me

suppression and machine guns were also very op. we could use a machine gun mid fight and stop each other from healing and then qd each other. this is a pretty unfun mechanic since there isn't much u can do except run away, but u also get slowness so running away doesn't really work either. this was just a 1v1, so i can only imagine what it would be like having players in the background just shooting at all the enemies while a few sword pvpers can just crit them all out and probably qd them. my solution for this is to just get rid of this function because i can't think of any way to make this fun and fair

Gun and Cannons Changes Testing 7 months ago