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I have been playing this server for 2 months and have experience with other servers of similar variety but i am extremely active play almost daily 

I am primarily on nations 

what I would bring is experience with servers this one and others i am very knowledgeable about economics in this game and have already started standardizing prices in the server with the help of others like like liciea speepy and godzilla among others i can bring an idealistic perspective while still being realistic when it comes to what can be implemented and what will actually work with the player base i am also highly versed in strategy when it comes to sieges and military operations both in various games and irl. lastly i am familiar with move craft and vehicles in general 

i should be supported because i am well liked and because i am a merchant i chat with 5-10 people a day whether it be checking prices or selling items as well as very active. being knowledgeable and aware of how people feel is a big  part of making sure things run smoothly 

i think i would best represent the economy and trade portions of the community and seiges and movecraft warefare

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