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galacticwarrior9 Admin Member
jose521 3 months ago
just submitted ban appeal, its a weird case i can't really explain it too well
jaradfields 4 months ago
Just submitted a ban appeal, it's a special case since im posting it for a friend who I know in real life. So please look at it as soon as possible. Thanks!
Nitroglycerine 8 months ago
bro i got banned for "spam pinging admins" on discord which i dont remember doing and if i did do it i didnt know it was against the TOS plz can i get unbanned my discord is cow_man
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Using /n flag, you can submit a flag for your nation that will be displayed on the Nations map. Here's how:

1. Create a flag image. Make sure it is 200x100, and that it is saved in the a .png or .jpg format.

2. Upload it to the website. Reply to this thread and upload the image as part of your post. You must use the "Upload" function.

If the upload is successful, you'll switch to the General tab. Click "Save".


3. Send the reply and copy the image link. Right-click the image and select "Copy Image Link", or your browser's equivalent. If you did Step 2 correctly, the link will look like  https://ccnetmc.com/uploads/post_images/<your file>.<file extension>


4. Go in-game and type /n flag set <image link from Step 3>. You must be the nation leader or co-leader to use this command.

5. Wait for the flag to be approved by staff. You can see the status of your flag application using /n flag status. If it is approved, it will appear on the map! Please be patient and do not directly ask staff to review your application - we will be notified of its submission.

If you want to remove your flag, use /n flag clear.

Nation Flag Approval Guide 21 days ago

They don't - or at least they shouldn't. Towns that are somehow occupied by their own nation should be automatically released. If that's not the case, let me know and I can take a look at what happened.

Why do nations auto occupy towns in their own nation? about 1 month ago

I'm happy to announce the release of our custom siege regions plugin, which introduces PvP siege regions to Nations. The wiki page for the plugin can be read here.

Naval and PvP sieges will now be referred to as assaults, and siege regions as assault regions.


General Changes

Assault regions are now owned by nations rather than individuals. To begin an assault, a nation member with the rank of general, co-leader or leader must enter an assault region during its attack time windows (/aregion info <region name>) and type /assault begin <region name>.

Item rewards are treated as a stream of nation resources, and monetary rewards are deposited in the nation bank.


PvP Assaults

The primary objective of PvP assaults is to control various flags across the map, similar to the team PvP arenas on /server pvp. Flags are marked with beacons. Controlling flags and killing enemy players will award you with points. The assault can end early if one side wins a certain number of points. Precise values can be found in /aregion info <region name>.

PvP assaults have some properties that distinguish them from SiegeWar sieges and Movecraft assaults:

  • Teleportation: Once an assault has started, participants can teleport there (with a cooldown). /assault teleport <region name>
  • No ender pearls.
  • No Movecraft: Crafts cannot enter PvP regions.
  • Keep inventory: Keep inventory is disabled during the preparation phase and enabled during the active phase.
  • Soldier rank: It is necessary to have a soldier rank to participate in a PvP region.
  • War sickness: During an active assault, players who are not allied to the attacking or defending nations will experience war sickness inside the region.

There are currently two PvP regions:

  • America, built by neboogles and MrTurtleGamer
  • Scandinavia, built by JerryDuck and CosmicKingSimp



All regions except Sahara are organised into theaters of war, of which there are currently three:

  • Maritime Silk Road:
    • Indian Ocean
    • Pacific
    • Mediterranean
  • Europe:
    • Scandinavia
    • North Atlantic
    • Mediterranean
  • America:
    • America
    • North Atlantic
    • South Atlantic

Controlling every region inside a theater provides your nation with bonus rewards! Check /theater info <theater name> for more information.

You may notice there is overlap between theaters; this is intentional.


Movecraft Assaults

Movecraft battles remain largely the same, with a few changes:

  • During an assault, crafts piloted by non-participants will be denied entry to the assault region.
  • The concept of a "flagship" has been removed; attackers will earn points from capping even if the assault-starter's craft is sunk.


More Flexibility

  • Rewards now have the ability to distribute item rewards in addition to monetary rewards.
  • The time windows for regions have traditionally been a contentious topic. The new plugin gives us the option to add non-identical time windows if necessary.



This plugin was started by Rattlyy and I have been working on it intermittently since his departure.




New Siege Regions Plugin 4 months ago

We're pleased to introduce siege statistics to Nations. Powered by a custom plugin that collects data during battle sessions, they are now available to view both in-game and on a dedicated website.



The new sieges website, sieges.ccnetmc.com, allows you to explore all siege records held by the server.


The home page lists all siege kills and can be filtered by player name. You can further refine your search by choosing to view only their kills or deaths.

A death is registered as your kill if you dealt the most damage to the player over the 10 second period before their death. It registers as an assist for everyone else who dealt damage during that period.

Screenshot of kills page


The sieges page lists all sieges and can be filtered by town name. Each siege has a link to its own page.

Screenshot of sieges list


The individual page for each siege reveals finer details, such as the number of kills, deaths and assists for each side.

Screenshot of the sieges page


Further down, a graph displays the progression of the siege balance and earned battle points by battle session.



See the list of players for whom statistics are available in the players page.

Each player's page displays their personal statistics, including KDR and KDA, as well as their kills and deaths.

Screenshot of player siege statistics



Prefer viewing statistics from in-game? No problem. There are currently three commands:

  • /siegestats summary: Lists your aggregate PvP and SvS statistics, including KDR and KDA.
  • /siegestats listkills: Lists your kills and assists individually. This does not display SvS kills and assists at the moment.

Screenshot of /siegestats listkills command

  • /siegestats listsieges: Lists your per-siege statistics.

Screenshot of /siegestats listsieges command


Siege statistics are experimental, so be on the look out for bugs. Name changes are not currently supported, but may be in the future. Have any suggestions? Let us know on the suggestions forum, or as a reply to this thread.


Introducing Siege Statistics 5 months ago

A longstanding issue on Nations is the escalation of small sieges into large wars involving all major nations. This is partly due to player politics, but also the ease with which anyone can switch to another nation's town to participate in their sieges. That eliminates the challenges posed by distance and makes it trivial to intervene in any siege.

To address this, we will test a "loyalty" system on Nations:

  • For each day you play more than 10 minutes, you gain 1 loyalty towards your current nation.
  • Leaving a nation will make you lose 1 loyalty towards that nation every day until you rejoin.
  • To participate in a siege, you will need a minimum amount of loyalty with your current nation. Otherwise, you will suffer from war sickness.
    • This amount is yet to be determined, but will likely be between 7 and 9 loyalty.
  • The maximum loyalty is 20 and the minimum loyalty is 0.


Example: Gaining Loyalty

  • I start in a nation called "Alpha".
  • On Monday, I play for 10 minutes. I gain 1 loyalty towards Alpha.
  • On Tuesday, I play for 9 minutes. I gain no loyalty towards Alpha.
  • On Wednesday, I leave Alpha and join another nation, "Beta".
    • I lose 1 loyalty towards Alpha.
    • If I play for 10 minutes then I will gain 1 loyalty towards Beta.


Example: Participating in a Siege

  • France starts a siege on Germany.
  • X is a member of France. X only has 1 loyalty with France. X cannot participate in the siege.
  • Y is a member of Britain. Britain is allied with France. Y can participate in France's siege as long as he has 7-9 loyalty with Britain.


When will loyalty be enabled?

The loyalty requirement for siege participation will be enabled for the sieges beginning Friday April 14. Until then, loyalty will still be recorded; in fact, it has been recorded for the past few days. You can view your current loyalties using the command /res loyalties.

Loyalty System 11 months ago