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 I started playing n1 on 24/06/2019 but I was already playing towny for a couple of weeks before this.

I've been quite active as a player over time on both n1, n2 beta and n2 you can see that by my playtime of a whopping 1k hours ish (1 month).

I only play nations.

As a rep I will be able to bring community concerns, pros and cons regarding certain things quite easily to light and discuss them. I'm quite vocal with my thoughts and ideas, explain them with both benefits and drawbacks though they are quite confusing at times but have been useful in some cases. My links to the older playerbase makes me quite useful as I can present both their views and also the newer player base.

I'm an experienced player who's been with ccnet for a while and I'm basically part of the community and have a good standing in it and my vocal skills allow me to represent them quite easily, I've also made texture packs for the community like the naval horn pack to replace siege region sound and also the rune textures, I've also been part of the n2 beta and have found exploits and tested out features and my all around knowledge of the nations meta helps me provide feedback on plugins like towny itself. 

I will probably represent the older playerbase mindset of politics and a bit of PvP as I'm more ingrained with that part of the community.


ty :>

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